Red Shoes Live Wallpaper

The Lady wants to be in the show!

The Lady wants to be the star of your screen. And she can do it if you install her live wallpaper app.

What it does:

The Lady makes pictures. She sends another picture from the cloud to your phone or tablet's background screen every few minutes...regularly.

Pictures on your phone or tablet change automatically. How often is up to you.

Every picture is original and made just for Red Shoes Live Wallpaper.

There's a "Settings" activity too. You can change the brightness. You can change the scroll speed. You can change the time between pictures, You can change the picture channel. ...all by touching the Red Shoes "Settings" icon.

There's also an "Installer" activity. In case you have trouble installing a live wallpaper, just touch the Red Shoes "Installer" icon, and it will do that for you.

It's free! And unlike other free live wallpapers there are no ads. There is a premium channel that you can purchase if you want, but the free channel that's included for free delivers pictures too! And did we mention that it's free!?

About the pictures:

She adds new pictures regularly.

These are some
Free Channel
These are some
Premuim Channel

How to get it:

Go to the Google Play Store and search for "Red Shoes Live Wallpaper." ...or just click on the Red Shoes picture!

...nobody puts Baby in the corner.