an annoying Android live wallpaper

Just when you thought it couldn't be more is! Bonk live wallpaper version 2.7 requires Android v2.1-update1 api version 7 or greater.

What it does:

Any time you touch your screen the wallpaper creates another moving circle. The circles bounce round and bump into one another. (They die off after a while.)

Version 2.1 adds some new annoying audio styles. (Turn off audio to maintain sanity.) There are color preference options and general options for different circle types.

In version 2.2 you can use your own images as background -- browse for one, or make one with your camera. Some examples follow (images of pink Cadillacs and the Milky Way galaxy not included):

Version 2.3 includes a settings activity available from the launcher so you can get to settings quickly if you'd like. Adding your own background image is a little more straightforward too. You can now use any sound or music or ringtone as the collision sound, or you can record one of your own. (The wallpaper only uses the first couple of seconds of the sound.) After you add your own sound it will show up at the end of the chooser list.

Version 2.8 includes a new circle style (available from the settings activity) called "glass." It's real fake-ray-traced-simulated glass spheres! ...sort of. Your device should be one of the faster ones if you want to use glass circles. You should also use a background image in order for the glass effect to be noticeable.

Suggested options for using glass spheres:

  • start bonk settings activity. make sure "show trails" is unchecked
  • click "circle style" and choose "glass"
  • check "show image" (you don't need to use an image background though)
  • click "background image" to choose an image (you don't really need an image background, however, using one makes it less boring...but no less annoying)

How to get it:

The app package is here: bonk.apk ...or you can install it from the android market by scanning this QR code with your phone:

If you'd like to have the source code too then download this zip file: It contains all the source in a directory structure that's suitable for importing into eclipse. There's also a very brief code walk-through available here.

Testimonials from real people:

"It sux balls!" --Rebecca

"so annoying that my wife threw my droid out the car window" --Nigel

"موضوع پست: والپیپر های زیبا و زنده که با لمس حرکت میکنند bonk live wallpaper" --V@mpire

"...a live wallpaper that should be killed" --Anonymous

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